Cascade Bulb and Seed



Lily seed  2012

Asiatic seed.
 Allow 3-8 weeks for germination at 60 to 65 degrees, easy to grow. 1a = upright, 1b = side facing, 1c = pendent

Asiatic Mix.  Very wide assortment of colors and flower types - a little bit of everything. A good mix for those looking for some nice landscape plants.
[AL-001] Special Price - 100+ seeds $1.50

L.tigrinum F1/F2 mix.  Wide assortment of F1 and F2 tigrinum seedlings intermated. Mostly side to down facing. Good garden lilies.
[AL-800] 100 seeds $2.00

L. wilsonii Clone 88-15-2 x clone 88-15-4.  Seedlings will vary from yellow to orange, many with pastel and pinkish overtones. Upfacing with nice wide foliage. Wilsonii combines very well with tigrinum. You will find some interesting germplasm here if you are looking for upright garden lilies.
[AL-300] 20 seeds $2.00

Wilsonii hybrid mix.  large number of wilsonii hybrids intermated. Upfacing to sidefacing types will be more numerous then downfacing types. Yellows to pastel colors.
[Al-301] 50 seeds $1.50

L. davidii. 1c orange, floriferous pyramid inflorescence. Nice garden lily with decent bulb rot resistance. From many different clones. Important lily for hybridizing. If you are going to hybridize garden lilies, then L. davidii is a lily that you have to have as it imparts nice inflorescences to its progenies. It's only draw back is narrow foliage and a stem that could be stronger. However, both of these shortcomings are easily compensated for when making crosses.
(AL-100) 20 seeds $1.50

A1152 F2 mix.  (davidii x (davidii x Tinkerbell)) x Sibs. The backcross seedlings were segerating for cream pastels and orange with nice pendent flowers. If you want some exceptional breeding stock for garden lilies, you will find it here. Also many will be good garden plants. Seedlings should be pastels to pale oranges with a few darker orange, most will be tall and floriferous.
[AL-103] 20 seeds $1.00

(davidii x tigrinum)F2. Davidii and tigrinum don't cross easily, but both lilies are important plants for hybridizing disease resistant lilies. These F2 seedlings will be of exceptional value to hybridizers who want to breed garden lilies and will combine well with any of the seedlings from davidii and tinkerbell breeding or tigrinum-wilsonii breeding.
(AL-116) 20 seeds $1.50

Trumpet seed.
Easy to grow. Germinate at 60-70 degrees F, 3-6 weeks; Aurelian hybrids may be slower and may like cooler temperatures, allow up to 10 weeks.

Dwarf/Short trumpets.  White to yellow trumpets 18" to 36" tall, nice for pot culture. Excellent for breeding short, pot culture trumpets & Aurelians.
(TL-005) 20 seeds $1.50

Short/Medium trumpets.  White to yellow trumpets in the 3 foot to 5 foot range. Nice landscape plants.
[TL-010] 20 seeds $1.50

Purple trumpets.  Lavender to purple color trumpets.
[TL-100] 20 seeds $1.50