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Lily and Daylily articles. These articles are made available for your own personal use and are not to be reproduced in any manner without permission

 Growing Lilies from Seeds
 Factors Affecting Fertility in Daylilies
 Diagnosing Fertility Problems in Daylilies
 Polyploidy and Unreduced Gametes
 Region 11 articles.
These articles are various question and answer columns I wrote for the American Hemerocallis Society Region 11 newsletter relating to various daylily hybridizing questions.
    Daylily parentage
    Hybridizing goals
    Daylily rust
    Tets and parentage
    Hybridizing using species
    Breeding for foliage
 Genetics 101   These articles were written as lessions that I started posting in the late 1990's to help daylily hybridizers understand some basic genetics.
    Lesson #1: Mendel
    Lesson #2: Mendel's Peas, part 1
    Lesson #3: Mendel's Peas - part 2
    Lesson #4: Chromosomes and gene action
    Lesson #5: Beyond Simple Mendelian Genetics
    Lesson #6: Inhibitor genes - part 1
    Lesson #7: Inhibitor Genes - part 2
    Lesson 8: Multiple alleles